Essential Carry-On Items

Don’t forget these things in your carry-on bag to make your journey easier, simpler and much more interesting!

  1. A good quality sleep mask and ear plugs.


  1. Flight socks and a blow up neck pillow (not a foam one, as it’s a pain to carry it about!)


  1. Toothbrush and toothpaste. On a long haul flight it’s nice to have the option to freshen up, either on board, or after landing.


  1. I take one at take off to thin my blood and reduce the risk of a blood clot or DVT. It’s also important to walk about and stretch your legs as much as you can.


  1. A bottle of water. After security you can buy a small bottle of water to take onboard. When this runs out, just ask the crew to fill it up again. It beats the small cups they provide as standard.


  1. Moisturiser, eye drops and lip salve. For added skin, eye and lip hydration, just to make your flight that little bit more comfortable. If you’re a girl, having a hair tie around your wrist can also make it easy to stick your hair up and out of the way for comfort when sitting and sleeping.


  1. iPhone with apps and music, Kindle with books, and good quality, comfortable ear phones with an airplane converter, or a splitter if you’re travelling with someone and you want to share music.


  1. Clean clothes. If you have a layover, it’s nice to have some deodorant, maybe perfume, and some clean underwear and clothes to have a change if you feel the need. You might also want to get changed after landing and before meeting your family and/or friends at arrivals!


  1. Snacks! I usually take a little bit of chocolate to munch on whilst watching films, or whatever you fancy to make it a bit more like a treat. Just remember to ditch the leftovers if you’re going to a country that restricts these sorts of things, e.g. Australia!


  1. Take your chargers in your carry on, rather than checked baggage, and you can charge up your devices on the plane or at the airport.


  1. A pen. You will need a pen often to fill in landing cards and customs forms. Save time and having to ask someone by bringing your own!



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